Just Ten Minutes

Like many, my days are packed.  With two jobs, four teenagers, and a dog, each moment in my day is scheduled.  I know I have to do so many things, but all I really want to do is read.  And if I am not reading, I want to be talking with people who are reading, hearing what they like and telling them about what I have read.  There are simply not enough minutes in the day, so I thought that if I got my thoughts organized, this blog would be a perfect way to share my love of books (and still maybe get the laundry done.)

Well, two years have passed and now I still read and read, but I have added a serious study of photography as well.  The only thing I don’t seem to do as much is write.  Shortly after I started this blog, I became the blogger for our local library and all of my writing was posted there.  So it seems I may have dropped the ball with this one.  I wrote for them for a year and now that is finished and I haven’t been back to writing for myself.  Which is interesting.   And now that I am doing this 365 project  I believe I must think of a way to blend the two-writing and photography.  Hmmm…  absolutely love that this project started in November.

Here we go!


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